Dear friends,
Summer Camp is always a great time. For six days, young people meet together with great leaders to worship, learn, study, eat, and play.

This year we are delighted to have Rev Andrew Vines speaking on the theme of "Practical Christianity", a theme that should remind our youth that the gospel of Jesus Christ is to be lived out. Our team of leaders have already met for a day of training and are excited about the opportunity to serve in this way. And they are a team of good leaders.
Please take a moment to go to www.pyv.org.au and have a look at the Summer Camp page. You can find all the information you need, and you'll also find there some printable versions of camp information to include in your newsletters and a projector slide for you to use.
Through the generosity of the Social Services Committee, some funding is also available. You'll find details for this at www.pyv.org.au under the "Camps" tab.
Thank you for sharing this with your church family. We look forward to having youth from your church attending.
Rev Brian Harvey
Youth Ministries Director

Some recent events have drawn media attention to Bendigo in recent months, and not for the best reasons. The main news story has centred on anti-mosque protests and the counter-anti-mosque protests that led to some violent clashes in August. Imagine my surprise in late September then, when I received a phone call from WIN News asking me my opinion about the upcoming October protests. I said I wasn’t particularly concerned, but then she informed me that the protesters were to be gathering on the corner of Forest and Mackenzie Streets, Bendigo, right outside the St John’s church door!

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An excerpt from the latest blog post from the Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, Rev David Cook:

'Jesus said, “It is finished” (John 19:30) from the cross. He did not partially bridge the gap between God and humankind, because then he would have said “I have done my part, now it’s over to you to add the essential extra!” ... Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection are sufficient to rescue us from the penalty and power of sin.  “My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness” (Edward Mote).'

The full article can be found by clicking here or by visiting the Presbyterian Church of Australia website at http://www.presbyterian.org.au/.

Once a year in the September school holidays, children are taught to encourage, and to be, God’s special missionaries. Children and their parents come from all over Victoria to Wycliffe Bible Translators at Kangaroo Ground for the free activity day put on by PWMU–Dayspring Day! The day is packed with activities, prizes, and Christian fellowship. This year was the eleventh Dayspring Day.

Many children and parents dressed up as royals, as the theme of the day was ‘On His Majesty’s Service’, inspired by the title of Helen Roseveare’s biography. While we were not able to have Helen Roseveare in attendance, we were able to have Rosemary Zurrer–a missionary of the past herself–ably act the part of this former missionary to the Congo. Many thanks to Rosemary Zurrer for her great work! We also watched Helen Roseveare on YouTube telling part of her inspiring story.

Grace Middleton played Birthday Betty, encouraging children to remember missionaries’ birthdays in a number of ways–maybe by sending them a card. The king for the day was played by Ben Nelson, and Alycia Hood was a princess. We even had a jester, played by Camden Hood! Thanks to Mavis Price, our resident missionary, who gave out prizes and judged events and costumes throughout the day. Thanks also to Douglas and Jeanette Bennett, who were able to put in an appearance.

In line with our Royalty theme, we had children practice jousting with the sword of the spirit–which is, of course, the Bible. Children tried to find verses in the Bible as quickly as they could! Other activities included decorating crowns, decorating crown shaped biscuits, and playing games. One particularly missionary-focused game involved younger children matching up missionaries’ photos to their portraits on the APWM Victoria poster, while the older children matched the photos to the correct continent.

Medals are awarded to children every year, firstly for reading the Bible, and secondly for being a ‘rope-holder’. More children than ever earned the Bible award, whether by reading or by listening to Bible CDs throughout the year. The youngest achiever was only six! To achieve the ‘rope-holder’ medal, children ticked off a variety of tasks throughout the year, such as collecting stamps to raise funds for missionaries, praying for missionaries, sending cards to missionaries, and witnessing to their friends.

This year was the first year we have had a bookstall, and it was a great success. We raised enough money to earn a discount at Koorong, which will be donated to the missionaries. Thanks to Stephanie Daffy for taking care of the bookstall.

Other highlights of the day included watching a short PowerPoint presentation from Warwick and Natalie in Africa.

You might not be able to afford a Melbourne Show bag every September holidays, but you can afford a free Dayspring Day show bag! All children took home one of these which included lollies, a Bible reading chart, and a mini version of our missionary cards. Each family was also provided with a free set of full-sized missionary cards, which have many facts about our missionaries. These cards help families to get to know their missionaries, and enable them to better pray for and support them. If you would like a pack of these missionary cards, you can get them from the PWMU office. (, or 9877 1678)

If you haven’t yet attended Dayspring Day and would like to come along, please do! You can put it in your diary right now, as it is the first Wednesday of the September school holidays. It is aimed at primary school children, but all are welcome!

We thank God for the good weather we had on the day–the sunshine meant we were able to enjoy a treasure hunt. We would also like to thank all those who made an effort to come on the day, as well as those who were involved in making the day happen. Thanks particularly to Shona Archer for all the effort she put into running Dayspring Day and Cassie Hood for her behind the scenes work. Also thanks to Jacob Daffy, our photographer, who took many beautiful pictures.

Esther Vayne

PWMU President

An invitation from the Home Mission Workers’ Association (HMWA) to attend the annual Thanksgiving and Dedication service:

Thursday 12
th November 2015, 11am
In the Robert White Hall
st Floor, 156 Collins St,

Following the service please join us for BYO lunch.
Tea, coffee & cake provided.
HMWA supports Home Mission Stations, Home Missionaries and Student candidates for ministry as part of a work of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

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